JADE - AI Support for Debugging Java Programs

C. Mateis, M. Stumptner, D. Wieland, F. Wotawa
Stum00c (2000)
Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Intelligent Software Engineering (WISE3), June 6th, 20000, Limerick, Ireland, 2000.
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Model-based diagnosis is a successful AI technique for locating and identifying faults in technical systems. Extending previous research on model-based diagnosis support for fault search in technical designs, we are building a model-based debugger for Java programs to provide intelligent support for the programmer trying to locate the source of an error. By using one or more models derived from the source code of the program without additional specifications except the Java semantics, the debugger guides the user (i.e., developer) towards potential sources for incorrect program behaviors, i.e., bugs.