Semantic Data Containers for Realizing the Full Potential of System Wide Information Management

B. Neumayr, E. Gringinger, C. Schütz, M. Schrefl, S. Wilson, A. Vennesland
Neum17b (2017)
Proceedings of the 36th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC 2017), September 17-21, 2017, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, IEEE Press, Online:, pp. 1-10, 2017.
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Abstract (English)

In order to unleash the full potential of System Wide Information Management (SWIM), the BEST project (Achieving the Benefits of SWIM by Making Smart Use of Semantic Technologies) proposes the semantic container approach which shields service and application developers from the complexities of data provisioning in Air Traffic Management (ATM). In combination with SWIM, semantic containers facilitate the emergence of a marketplace of value-added information services, and allow for complex derivation chains of data sets. Along these derivation chains, existing data are intelligently filtered and prioritized as well as combined and annotated with additional information.

Keywords: Air Traffic Management, Aeronautical Information Management, Semantic Technologies