Visual Database need Data Models for Multimedia Data

W. Klas, E. J. Neuhold, M. Schrefl
Klas89a (1989)
Tosiyasu L. Kunii (ed.): Visual Database Systems, Proceedings of the IFIP TC2/WG2.6 Working Conference, Tokyo, Japan, April 3-7, 1989, Elsevier Science B.V. (North-Holland), ISBN 0-444-87334-1, pp. 433-461, 1989.


This paper describes the special requirements that arise in the handling of multimedia data, e.g., the handling of incomplete information, the distinction between the (internal) modelling of information and its (external) multimedia presentation, the management of context-free and context-sensitive references between pieces of data, sharing of data among multiple objects, and versioning. In particular, the paper discusses how these requirements differ from or go beyond those met by traditional database systems. We then propose appropriate modelling concepts which meet these requirements better than traditional approaches. Based on object-oriented concepts and on concepts from semantic data models we introduce a data model that meets the requirements mentioned above. Thereby we clearly distinguish between concepts which belong to the modelling level and concepts which belong to the presentation level. The contribution of this paper is the identification of requirements for the management of multimedia information and the development of a set of modelling primitives to handle these requirements in an object-oriented environment. We show that object-oriented database systems offer a promising approach for the management of large amounts of complex multimedia data.