Inheritance of Events and Rules in Active Object-Oriented Database Management Systems

A. Schuller
Master Thesis
MT9504 (December, 1995)
Supervised by
o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Schrefl
Instructed by
PhD Brian Lings
MSc Mikael Berndtsson
Accomplished at
University Linz, Institute of Business Informatics - Data & Knowledge Engineering
University of Skövde Department of Computer Science

Abstract (English)

To the best of our knowledge, little research has been carried out to explore the full power of object orientation, especially with respect to inheritance, within Active Object-Oriented Database Management Systems (AOODBMSs). This work tries to give answers to some open questions by investigating a general inheritance mechanism for events and rules in an AOODBMS.

The investigation is roughly divided into two main phases: i) static schema implementation with single and multiple inheritance, redefinition and override of primitive events and rules and II) schema migration during runtime and inheritance of composite events.

The results of the first phase have been implemented. The implementation is performed on the prototype of ACOOD (ACtive Object Oriented Database management system), which is currently under development at the University of Skövde. ACOOD, which is based on the OODBMS ONTOS 3.0, is used for testing different designs and strategies for AOODBMSs.